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Welcome to Westaway

Tell us your dream destination and we’ll get you there. 

We understand every traveller and holiday is unique, and that’s why we love to learn the reason behind your adventure. So, we can ensure that holiday feeling is bespoke to you from the moment you contact us to long after you come home.

Arriving at our destination

In 2020, as the world locked down our founder, Becky, saw an opportunity open up. Whilst cancelling her own family trip, she discovered the frustration of self-booked holidays: the exciting 6 months of planning turned into 18 painful months tidying up cancelled holidays and chasing refunds. Realising others would be in the same boat with no support or direct contact, Becky knew something had to change. 


Launching Westaway Travel in 2021, Becky and her team have become Northampton’s go-to travel consultants. We’ve helped pack countless suitcases, ticked off thousands of bucket lists and inspired people to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip right now!

We’ll sort the admin, you enjoy the adventure

Our dedicated team will organise as much or as little of your holiday as you want. From booking flights, transfers or changing details to secret surprises and tailored itineraries, we source everything to meet your requirements. Working within your budget but also finding ways to turn your trip into something truly special.  


Transforming the way you travel

As independent travel consultants, we’re your ultimate tour guide. No matter if you’re looking for a family holiday, group trip or tailor-made adventure, our mission is to make it happen with zero hassle for you. With direct behind-the-scenes access, we save you time, money and hesitation in choosing the right route. Connecting you with the perfect accommodation, tours and local experts. 


It’s the little things

When you book with Westaway Travel, we don’t say goodbye at check-in. We’re with you for the entire journey and are reachable at any time. With a “Have an amazing time” message and a “Tell me everything” catch-up, we’re passionate about making your holiday, no matter how big or small, everything you want it to be. 

Meet Becky Westaway

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